Warriors Grace NBA With Its Worst Blowout Of The Season In A 53-point Loss

Indeed, this was a night for the Warriors to neglect. On Friday, the Toronto Raptors brushed the entryways off the Golden State Warriors 130-77, a deficiency that arrived at 61 focuses to say the least and finished at 53 by the end of the evening.

The Warriors were without both Stephen Curry and Draymond Green because of injury, which gave the Raptors a formula for a defeat that gave no indications of halting. Curry was managing a waiting tailbone injury, while Green could scarcely keep hold of the ball in pregame warmups. 토토사이트

The success was only the Raptors second in 15 games, making an already difficult situation even worse to a generally down Warriors crew. The game currently remains as the greatest victory in the NBA this season, and the greatest since the Dallas Mavericks beat down the Los Angeles Clippers by a 51-point edge in December 2020.

Heroes lead trainer Steve Kerr was not exactly satisfied in his postgame remarks about the group’s play.

Twitter, obviously, was on point with the jests as Toronto’s surge on Golden State proceeded for the duration of the evening.

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