Fortnite Anime Pack Contents: What’s In The Cyber Infiltration Pack

Fortnite’s anime pack, known as the Anime Legends Bundle in holes and now uncovered as the Cyber Infiltration Pack, contains six beautifying agents altogether. The beauty care products are three skins and three back blings. Each skin has its own relating back bling and gathering instrument. This is what you need to think about what’s in the pack and the amount it costs.

The Cyber Infiltration Pack’s three skins are named Chigusa, Megumi, and Yuki. Chigusa has dull hair, sleeve tattoos on the two arms, and wears a tank top. Chigusa wears a baseball cap and a coat under a strategic vest. 한국야동

Yuki wears a white coat and a short skirt and has a second style wherein she pulls her hood up over her head.

The back blings remembered for the pack are Guard Pup, H4ck//P4ck and Watchful Wabbit. Watchman Pup is a rucksack of a purple canine with a sword in its mouth and a weapon in its paw.

H4ck/P4ck is a pink and white knapsack conveying a couple of earphones and a beguile of a wolf with a weapon. Careful Wabbit highlights a purple hare with an eyepatch and a banana.

The entire pack can be bought for 2,200 V-Bucks.

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