Zombie Land Saga Debuts Season 2 Opening Theme: Watch

Zombie Land Saga has appeared its initial topic grouping for Season 2 of the arrangement! The Spring 2021 anime plan is currently well in progress as large numbers of the new and returning anime arrangement have appeared their first scenes, and Zombie Land Saga is one of the numerous this season that returned for its eagerly awaited second season following an effective presentation back in 2018. The principal scene of the new season was at that point a hit with fans, yet like numerous anime debuts, that first scene abandoned appearing its authority opening topic grouping for the new season.

This all changed with the debut of Zombie Land Saga second scene of the new season as it appeared the authority opening subject for Season 2 (formally named as Zombie Land Saga Revenge). Performed by the cast of the arrangement as the icon bunch Franchouchou, the initial topic of the new season is title “O Saga, Cry With Me.” You can look at it in the video above! 검증사이트

Zombie Land Saga Revenge is currently gushing with Crunchyroll close by its delivery in Japan, and Funimation has affirmed they will be delivering an English named adaptation of the arrangement sometime in the not too distant future. The second period of the arrangement includes a similar principle cast and staff from the main season with Munehisa Sakai coordinating Season 2 for MAPPA and Avex Pictures. This implies that Franchouchou is all back for the second time around.

Returning for the subsequent season are the primary Franchouchou symbols with Kaede Hondo as Sakura Minamoto, Asami Tano as Saki Nikaido, Risa Taneda as Ai Mizuno, Maki Kawase as Junko Konno, Rika Kinugawa as Yugiri, Minami Tanaka as Lily Hoshikawa, and Kotono Mitsuishi as Tae Yamada, and their chief, Mamoru Miyano as Kotaro Tatsumi. They are additionally behind the new closure topic (which presently can’t seem to make a big appearance as of the subsequent scene), “Yume o Te ni, Modoreru Basho mo Nai Hibi o.”

Zombie Land Saga Revenge is portrayed accordingly, “The universally adored zombie icon bunch is back (from the dead) for another visit! It’s another year and another time in Japan, and Sakura Minamoto and different individuals from Franchouchou are more decided than any other time to save Saga Prefecture with their developing acclaim… while recuperating tragically missing recollections of their previous existences.”

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