Dear Oppa: An Indian Fan Calls EXO ‘Kings Of K Pop’; Says Their Music Heals Her & Would Stan Them Forever

EXO, quite possibly the most noticeable K-Pop kid gatherings, as of late made their rebound in June. It was everything (and presumably significantly more) than what their fans, EXO-Ls, anticipated. A space idea with individuals looking dazzling, Lay, D.O and Xiumin rebound, an entire retro-styles smaller than usual game with part cards and an amazing title track with habit-forming dance moves. In only 24 hours of its delivery, the melody outlined No. 1 out of 85 nations all throughout the planet, displaying the tremendous force EXO actually holds, particularly in their 10th year of ruling the K-Pop industry!무료성인야동

The present endearing letter in our Dear Oppa arrangement has been written by Ankita from India to EXO. Peruse her letter beneath.

Annyeong! I’m an Indian EXO-L. EXO’s unique collection “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING” has been delivered. Also, I’m so cheerful. EXO consistently gives us such cheerful and inspirational tones.

I’m a K-Pop stan and I pay attention to numerous K-Pop specialists. Anyway I should say, EXO are in a real sense KINGS OF KPOP.

I truly needed to say something to EXO, I realize you are far away yet your music was consistently there when I felt low. At the point when I see you grin, I believe I can grin. I may seem like an insane fan however frankly, you served your music when I was feeling the least. That is the means by which I generally overcome my most exceedingly terrible of the days.

I needed to compose a long letter to you (EXO). In any case, I feel like no words would clarify how I feel. I’ll simply say thank you for being close to me in my awful days, through your music. I love you and I support you. All I wanna say is YOUR MUSIC HEALS ME. Much obliged to you for gift us with your tunes.

I’ll stan you for a long, long time.


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