Anne-Marie Announces Little Mix Collaboration Kiss My (Uh-Oh) On New Album Therapy

Anne-Marie has uncovered the tracklisting for her new collection Therapy, incorporating a joint effort with Little Mix named Kiss My (Uh-Oh).

The track tests Lumidee’s R&B crush Never Leave You (Uh Oh), a Number 2 hit in 2003, and will fill in as the collection’s fourth single, delivered that very day as the collection on July 23.

Anne-Marie’s subsequent collection likewise incorporates a joint effort with Rudimental called Unlovable, just as her new singles Don’t Play with KSI and Digital Farm Animals, Our Song with Niall Horan, and Way Too Long with Nathan Dawe and MoStack.

Treatment likewise incorporates co-scholars with mega hitmaker Max Martin, in addition to MNEK, Ed Sheeran, Raye and Kamille. Creation comes civility of Mojam (Aitch, Fredo), Fred Ball (Rihanna), TMS and Blake Slatkin.성인사진

Examining the record, Anne-Marie said: “My verses are my open journal to all of you and composing this collection has assisted me with centering and comprehend my sentiments. I required this collection.

“This collection assisted me with getting place as well and it embodies loads of sentiments and feelings, regardless of whether it’s tracks that emphasis on my own ride, or the ones that I have simply adored making, and I trust you can lose yourself in it.”

Anne-Marie’s Therapy Tracklisting:

  1. X22. Anne-Marie x KSI x Digital Farm Animals – Don’t Play3. Anne-Marie x Little Mix – Kiss My (Uh-Oh)4. Who I Am5. Anne-Marie and Niall Horan – Our Song6. Nathan Dawe x Anne-Marie x MoStack – Way Too Long7. Breathing8. Unlovable (accomplishment. Rudimental)9. Beautiful10. Reveal to Your Girlfriend11. Better Not Together12. Treatment

Anne-Marie’s introduction collection Speak Your Mind crested at Number 3 on the Official Albums Chart, and went through a mammoth 101 weeks inside the Top 100. The assortment brought forth a line of hit singles, including Top 10s Ciao Adios and 2002. View Anne-Marie’s Official Chart history so far here.

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