Updates And Restrictions On Travel To Hawaii

Waivable 10-Day Quarantine

You can be completely inoculated, halfway or unvaccinated to travel to Hawaii and have a pleasant outing. While your immunization status figures out which passage methods you follow, all guests and returning occupants should take part in the Safe Travels program to forgo the required 10-day isolate.실시간야동

On the off chance that you don’t have evidence of immunization or a negative pre-appearance test, you should self-isolate for ten days or the span of the excursion (whichever is longer).

Online Travel Health Form

The initial step is finishing an online Travel and Health Form. This structure records the voyager’s contact data and travel subtleties. This structure will likewise list the fundamental stages an approaching explorer should follow to forgo the 10-day isolate.

Transfer Proof Of Vaccination

Completely inoculated voyagers that fly to Hawaii from the terrain United States something like 15 days after their last Covid immunization can forgo the isolate. You should transfer evidence of immunization prior to showing up and furthermore keep a paper duplicate of the CDC inoculation card as you travel in Hawaii.

Compulsory Pre-Arrival Testing For The Unvaccinated

The unvaccinated and incompletely inoculated should take a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) from an approved testing accomplice close to 72 hours prior to withdrawing to Hawaii. A negative test forgoes the 10-day compulsory isolate. Explorers should transfer the test outcomes and get a QR code or present the paper test results at the Hawaii air terminal.

Visitors that don’t get a passing pre-appearance test can get a test upon landing in the Hawaii air terminal. In any case, they should self-isolate until the test outcomes end up being negative.

Can International Tourists Visit Hawaii?

Voyagers from select nations can travel to Hawaii and forgo the 10-day isolate with a negative test. This movement waiver applies to residents from these nations:






Loosened up Interisland Travel Guidelines

The interisland travel limitations finished July 8, 2021. Beforehand, all things considered, inhabitants and vacationers needed to get a pre-make a trip test to go between Hawaiian islands or notice a required isolate.

Presently, you can head out to various islands without going through another analytic test or presenting another movement wellbeing structure. Obviously, you should be manifestation allowed to go between islands.

This limitation waiver makes it simpler to design a multi-island trip for a lengthy visit.

Compulsory Masks Indoors

All individuals age five or more seasoned should wear a cover in indoor public settings. Veils are discretionary in open air conditions.

Government rules require all voyagers two years or more seasoned to wear a face-covering when riding on open transportation or out in the open travel centers. A few models incorporate planes, boat ships, transports, and air terminals.

Getting back To The Mainland United States

As Hawaii is one of the 50 U.S. States, explorers will not have to take a reemergence demonstrative test to get back to the terrain isolate free. This just applies to getting back from worldwide objections like Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe.

Immunized and unvaccinated explorers ought to notice the other CDC travel rules after getting back from an excursion.

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