Pink Offers To Pay Bikini Fine For Norway Beach Handball Team

The European Handball Federation (EHF) requested the group to hack up 1,500 euros ($1,768) after they wore shorts rather than the guideline swimwear in their bronze-decoration match misfortune to Spain in Varna, Bulgaria.

Pink, a three-time Grammy Award victor, said on Twitter she would cover the fine, criticizing the association and urging the players to continue concealing.

“I’m VERY pleased with the Norwegian female sea shore handball crew FOR PROTESTING THE VERY SEXIST RULES ABOUT THEIR “uniform”” the “Kick the Party Off” artist tweeted.

“The European handball league SHOULD BE FINED FOR SEXISM. Great on ya, women. I’ll be glad to pay your fines for you. Keep it up.”중국야동

Norwegian games authorities had effectively voiced their misery with the decision.

“In 2021, it shouldn’t be an issue,” said Eirik Sordahl, leader of the Norwegian Volleyball Federation.

Attire has for quite some time been a bone of conflict in sea shore sports, for certain ladies players discovering swimsuit bottoms debasing or unfeasible.

The Norwegian group said thanks to allies via online media, after a global clamor at the fine.

What’s more, the EHF, ackowledging the furious response to its choice, said it had given the fine to “a significant worldwide games establishment which upholds fairness for ladies and young ladies in sports.”

While swimming outfits have not been mandatory for sea shore volleyball players since 2012, International Handball Federation rules state “female competitors should wear two-piece bottoms” and that these should have “a nearby fit”, be “cut on a vertical point toward the highest point of the leg” and a side profundity of close to 10 centimeters.

Male players wear shorts.

“It’s totally strange,” Norway’s Minister for Culture and Sports, Abid Raja, tweeted after last Monday’s decision. “What a difference in demeanor is required in the macho and moderate worldwide universe of game.”

Story proceeds

In front of the competition, Norway asked the EHF for consent to play in shorts, however were informed that penetrates of the guidelines were deserving of fines.

They went along, until their last match.

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