Beauty Meets Talent: EXO’s Sehun Wins FanPlus TOP RAPPER Contest

The 27-year-old K-pop heart breaker has been winning ladies’ love for his great extents and almost ideal visuals for quite a while presently. Notwithstanding, netizens frequently address him as visual capital just and as a general rule downsizing his voice as he has moderately more modest parts in EXO melodies.

Questioning the assessment of untouchables about him, Sehun demonstrated his rapper ability in the TOP RAPPER Contest as of late coordinated by FanPlus. Casting a ballot started on July 14 with various rappers across numerous K-pop gatherings being named by the fans.성인사진

Sehun stowed the TOP RAPPER title on FanPlus with a sum of 406,595,609 votes, as declared on August 4 at 5 pm KST. In runner up was BTS part J-Hope with a turnover of 349,654,575 votes. He crossed second spot with a distinction of 56,941,034 votes. Following them, in the third position, was UNIQ’s Woodz with 29,836,437 votes.

Inferable from this triumph, Sehun will get a Yongsan Subway station ad for about fourteen days and a Yongsan I’Park shopping center LED ad for multi week.

Not at all like most K-pop stars who submit to thorough tryouts for their shot at the spotlight, a SM Entertainment projecting partner found Sehun while he was eating tteokbokki. A significant unpredictable beginning to a melodic profession growing more than a long time since EXO’s introduction in 2012. The kid who fled from the projecting chief for 30 minutes is presently an around the world known rapper, vocalist, musician, entertainer, model and artist.

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