Fans Choose Elton John & Dua Lipa’s ‘Cold Heart (Pnau Remix)’ As This Week’s Favorite New Music

“Cold Heart” merges the amazing artist’s “Kiss the Bride,” “Rocket Man,” “Where’s the Shoorah?” and “Penance” into a dance bop highlighting vocals by Lipa.

The two recently united in March during John’s yearly Oscar seeing gathering, where Lipa and John alternated duetting with one another’s tunes, including his Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 “Bennie and the Jets” and her Future Nostalgia profound cut “Love Again.”

Setting second on the previous week’s count with 25% of the vote was a remix of WizKid’s “Pith” including Bieber and Tems.실시간야동

“Embodiment” appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 in July at No. 82 get-togethers Tems-helped melody was delivered in October 2020 from the Nigerian whiz’s collection, Made in Lagos. The hot Afrobeats/R&B club jam has been consistently climbing the count throughout the most recent five weeks, ascending to its present situation of No. 54 in the week finishing Aug. 14.

Elton John astonished a group at an eatery yesterday (August 14) with an offhand exhibition of his new cooperation with Dua Lipa.

The pop symbol delivered his new single ‘Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)’ as a team with Lipa on Friday (August 13).

Praising the delivery, John got behind the decks at La Guérite Beach eatery in Cannes, where a DJ signaled up the track and let the star chime in. “During lockdown I made this single and it came out yesterday with Dua Lipa,” he told cafes. “I need all of you to move on the table and wave your hands.”

“Cold Heart LIVE execution,” John composed on Instagram as indicated by Metro, albeit the clasp is at this point not noticeable on his Story. “Thought I’d shock individuals at La Guérite sea shore café with a presentation of the new track.” Watch film of the exhibition beneath now.

The first track flawlessly mixes together a portion of John’s past discharges, including ‘Penance’, ‘Kiss The Bride’ and ‘Rocket Man’. It is the vocalist and PNAU’s subsequent coordinated effort following the 2012 collection ‘Great Morning To The Night’, which likewise tested a portion of the symbol’s more seasoned tracks.

Already, John and Lipa collaborated for the last’s ‘Studio 2054’ livestream show last year and participated in a joint Instagram meeting a month prior to that gig. Prior in 2021, in the interim, Lipa featured John’s AIDS Foundation Oscars pre-party.

In the mean time, John has additionally offered his appreciation to another of pop’s greatest demonstrations of late, sharing his own interpretation of BTS’ ‘Consent To Dance’. The track, which was co-composed by Ed Sheeran, highlights the line: “When everything appears as though it’s off-base/Just chime in to Elton John.”

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