Jung Il Woo’s Popular Sitcom ‘High Kick’ CONFIRMS Cast And Crew Reunion For THIS Date

On the seventeenth, an authority from MBC said, “The ‘DocuFlex – Country Diary 2021’ group is planning to meet the entertainers of ‘High Kick’, which finished in July 2007, is a sitcom that amusingly manages the day by day life of a group of three ages and stars Lee Soon-jae, Na Moon-hee, Park Hae-mi, Jung Jun-ha, Kim Hye-sung, Jung Ilwoo, Choi Min-yong, Shinji, Seo Min-jung, Park Min-youthful, Kim Bum, and so on.한국야동

The story spins around Lee Yoon Ho, a bike neurotic who takes part in many battles at school and is known for his high kick, and Lee Min Ho, who appreciates investing energy in scale models and web journals, are siblings conceived a year separated yet going to a similar class at school. These two depict completely different Korean teen characters amusingly. Also, obviously, there’s the remainder of the family. Their dad who was a full-time stock financial backer and since being laid-off from work, had still stayed hopeful and foolish. Their mom, an oriental medication specialist and in every case excessively sure; their granddad, who loves cash more than anything on earth; their grandma, who is constantly crushed by her little girl in-law in continuous status fights, are some of them. Their uncle Lee Min Yong is a 27-year-old single parent. Subsequent to going through an untimely marriage and an early separation, he partakes in his life back in the dating scene with his half-single and half-wedded status, while proceeding to experience inwardly elaborate minutes with his ex Shin Ji on occasion. High Kick is a circumstance parody, which depicts the regular day to day existences of the fundamental characters slamming into one another entertainingly. Nonetheless, at one point, the astonishing secrets of their apparently ordinary encompassing characters start to disentangle individually.

Beforehand, in MBC’s sixth commemoration unique, ‘DocuFlex – Country Diary 2021’, the current status of the cast and the gathering site were uncovered. Entertainers and their families showed up and assembled subjects, and ‘High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged’ broke the most noteworthy rating of ‘Docu Plex’ itself with a rating of 6.3% dependent on families in the metropolitan region. Consideration is centered around the exhibition that the cast of ‘High Kick’ will show once more.

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