GW2 FPL Stats: Record Captain Salah Blanks

The Egyptian, who outperformed Bruno Fernandes’ (£12.1m) sign of 2.72m from last season, has now neglected to score against the Clarets in seven progressive appearances.

GW2 most-captained players Player Captained by (000’s) Salah 2,776 Fernandes 1,858 Lukaku 225

Fernandes has required second spot, with 1.86m supervisors going to the Portuguese for Manchester United’s excursion to Southampton.실시간야동

In his three excursions against Saints, Fernandes has arrived at the midpoint of more than 10 focuses per match.

Chelsea’s new marking Romelu Lukaku (£11.5m) finishes the main three skippers.

The Blues travel to Arsenal on Sunday with Lukaku hoping to have a prompt effect.

The Belgian re-visitations of the Premier League following a fruitful spell in Italy, where he scored 47 objectives in two seasons at Inter Milan.

Most-captained by top 100 Player Captained by Salah 55 Fernandes 47 Ings 2

Danny Ings (£8.0m) has been supported in front of Lukaku among the main administrators, which right now includes 112 individuals in the best 100 spots.

What’s more, the Aston Villa forward has compensated his benefactors by scoring a fantastic objective against Newcastle United. Ings has now gotten in his initial two Premier League matches for his new club.

GW2 most moved in players Player Transferred in by (‘000s) Pogba 634 Fernandes 465 Lukaku 414

Paul Pogba (£7.6m) bested chiefs’ shopping records following an amazing 16-point pull last break, with 634,000 getting him.

Jack Grealish (£8.0m), Kai Havertz (£8.4m) and Jadon Sancho (£9.4m) were the primary players clearing a path for the Frenchman.

However, the individuals who left Grealish were rebuffed as the England worldwide scored his first objective for Manchester City in the 5-0 triumph over Norwich City.

In excess of 465,000 administrators added Fernandes to their crews after the Portuguese created 20 focuses in Gameweek 1, his best at any point return in Fantasy.

In any case, the most mainstream move last week was a straight trade from Harry Kane (£12.4m) to Lukaku.

GW2 most moved out players Player Transferred out by (‘000s) Kane 422 Saka 267 Iheanacho 265

More than 422,000 sold Kane, who didn’t highlight in the 1-0 triumph over champions Manchester City last end of the week.

Also, a consolidated 532,000 burned through no time in dispatching Bukayo Saka (£6.4m) and Kelechi Iheanacho (£7.4m) after the pair neglected to begin in Gameweek 1.

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