Lee Kwang Soo Talks About Dating In Public, Potential Guest Appearance On “Running Man,” And Focusing On Acting And Treatment

“Sinkhole” is a parody catastrophe film about a set aside man for a very long time to purchase his own home just to have it vanish in a sinkhole in under a moment. It stars Kim Sung Kyun, Cha Seung Won, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Hye Joon, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The film should be delivered last year, however was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.성인사진

Lee Kwang Soo said, “The film should debut last year yet was postponed in light of the fact that the circumstance wasn’t acceptable. I believe that it’s something to be appreciative for that we can debut motion pictures during this period by any means. It’s hard to advance the film however in light of the fact that we need to be wary about advising individuals to go out to see the film theater at this moment. Yet, it’s a decent film for these current occasions. It has a confident message about individuals beating emergency together, so I imagine that individuals can feel cheerful and acquire a feeling of solidarity through it.”

About his science with the cast, he said, “I’m truly thankful toward Cha Seung Won specifically. He’s the most seasoned and the most senior, yet he made the environment on set truly agreeable and moved toward us first. As a result of him, every one of the entertainers and creation staff on set might have a great time recording.” He added, “While I was shooting this film, I found out about the significance of science. Because of such extraordinary partners, it resembled investing energy with family. As a result of them, I had the option to act while attempting the acting that I’d needed to do.”

Lee Kwang Soo additionally referenced his lower leg injury. He cracked his right lower leg in an auto collision last year and the steadiness of the injury prompted him venturing down from “Running Man” after over 10 years on the show. He said, “I will not enjoy an extended reprieve from advancing. I will have a medical procedure to eliminate the metal pins one week from now and I’ll go through restoration therapy. It’s not to the degree that it will affect my everyday life. I was a bit lethargic before about recovery treatment, yet this time I will zero in on it.”

Many individuals have alluded to Lee Kwang Soo’s takeoff from “Running Man” as getting back to his “genuine work” of acting, however Lee Kwang Soo said, “I don’t know about that myself. I believe that I’m equivalent to I was previously. I don’t feel a feeling of pressing factor about ‘getting back to my genuine work.’ There’s nothing that is changed from when I was on ‘Running Man’ to when I’m not. I don’t feel a feeling of pressing factor about showing a very surprising side of myself since I’m not on ‘Running Man’ all things considered. I simply need to continue to go as I have done as of recently and do all that can be expected.”

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