Jimenez Has Fixtures To Gain Big Fantasy Points

The Wolverhampton Wanderers striker has blanked in every one of the initial three Gameweeks, dropping to simply 2.8 percent proprietorship.

Regardless of that lethargic beginning to the season, Jimenez is third among advances in the ICT Index, an element in Fantasy that can assist with directing the procedures and determinations of administrators.

The ICT Index utilizes match-occasion information to produce a solitary score metric that reflects three key regions: Influence, Creativity and Threat.실시간야동

The Threat metric surveys the players probably going to score objectives. While shots are the key activity, the Index additionally takes a gander at the players’ area on the pitch, giving more weight to activities with more noteworthy opportunities to score.

When surveyed against different advances, Jimenez’s insights are empowering.

Top five advances in ICT Index Player ICT Index Chances made Big possibilities Antonio 54.7 7 6 Calvert-Lewin 33.7 3 4 Jimenez 29.8 10 0 Jesus 27.9 8 1 Lukaku 27.8 5 2 Top five advances for shots Player Shots in box Shots on track Antonio 16 13 7 Calvert-Lewin 11 7 Jimenez 12 11 1 Jesus 2 1 Lukaku 10 9 3

His 12 shots are second just to the 16 of West Ham United’s Michail Antonio (£7.9m), who is the top-scoring player in Fantasy.

Besides, the Mexican’s 11 shots are joint-second alongside Everton forward Dominic Calvert-Lewin (£8.2m).

Taking into account that Antonio and Calvert-Lewin have both scored in every one of the three opening Gameweeks, Jimenez’s objective danger has matched the absolute best over this period.

Imaginative danger

The Wolves frontman is among the highest level players in his situation for ICT Creativity, which can assist with distinguishing the players probably going to supply helps.

While this investigations recurrence of passing and intersection, it likewise considers pitch area and the sharpness of the last ball – one more region in which he has dazzled.

Jimenez has provided 10 scoring openings for his colleagues, more than some other forward in Fantasy.

He positions second among all players in the initial three Gameweeks, bettered simply by the 15 of Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold (£7.5m).


Wolves’ impending run of adversaries demonstrates Jimenez can compensate supervisors with assaulting returns.

As indicated by the Fixture Difficulty Ratings (FDR), every one of their next four matches score just two.

Wolves’ next five Gameweeks GW Opponent FDR 4 WAT (A) 2 5 BRE (H) 2 6 SOU (A) 2 7 NEW (H) 2

Jimenez offers large potential for objectives and helps over that period, as per the ICT Index.

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