Kim Min Jae And Park Gyu Young Can’t Take Their Eyes Off Each Other In “Dali & Cocky Prince”

KBS’s forthcoming show “Dali and Cocky Prince” has shared a sneak look of Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young’s first experience!

“Dali and Cocky Prince” is another dramatization about the sentiment between Jin Mu Hak, a man who needs tutoring and book smarts, however is very ingenious and gifted at earning enough to pay the bills (played by Kim Min Jae), and Kim Dal Li, a lady who is mentally cleaned and comes from a world class foundation, yet doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to deal with herself (played by Park Gyu Young).성인사진

In the recently delivered stills, Jin Mu Hak and Kim Dal Li meet interestingly at the air terminal. The two characters are dressed as though they’re going to a party. Jin Mu Hak appears in a high contrast suit, while Kim Dal Li looks magnificent in her sky blue dress and a dark quill in her hair.

Jin Mu Hak spots Kim Dal Li who is sitting tight for him with a sign that says, “Welcome Mr. Jin.” The two visually connect and gaze at one another as though they’ve fallen head over heels right away. Jin Mu Hak is totally diverted by the one who is sitting tight for him, and Kim Dal Li’s eyes are round with wonder also.

The dramatization’s creation group remarked, “[The drama] will portray Jin Mu Hak and Kim Dal Li’s first dream-like experience that seems like time has halted. If it’s not too much trouble, anticipate discovering what made the two characters meet each other in extravagant clothing and look at one another strangely and regardless of whether they will be associated by destiny or a doomed relationship.”

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