Twice ‘The Feels’: Release Date, Concept And All About K-pop Group’s 1st English Song

SEOUL – Host-entertainer Song Ji-hyo turned 40 on Sunday (Aug 15) in the best conceivable way – with bunches of cake. Around 20, indeed, all intricately brightened.

The well known star, who is one of the standard cast individuals from theatrical presentation Running Man, posted photographs of her encompassed by the heated products and different presents on Instagram.

“Everybody, I earnestly thank you all such a huge amount for praising my birthday with me consistently,” she composed.실시간야동

She additionally posted close-ups of the cakes, some of which were designed with dolls or photographs of her. There was additionally one which resembled a case of beverages and another two which resembled fiery stew in a pot.

The gifts were from her fans in South Korea just as abroad.

In the scene of Running Man which circulated on her birthday, she was prodded for showing up on individual host Kim Jong-wacko’s YouTube channel.

Kim, 45, who as of late dispatched the wellness channel, had welcomed her to work out with him at his home, yet the other cast individuals kidded that she looked very agreeable.

He dissented: “We were working. Every one of you folks consented to come on my YouTube channel.

“It was Song Ji-hyo’s move and she got the opportunity to advance her new dramatization,” he added, alluding to her most recent series, The Witch’s Diner. “Try not to make up sentiment tales.”

Tune tolled in: “It wasn’t so much that I was agreeable. I was simply very nearly dropping.”

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