7 Of 8 Lovelyz Members To Leave Woollim Entertainment

After long and profound conversation and consideration, seven Lovelyz individuals (Yoo Jiae, Seo Jisoo, Lee Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Ryu Sujeong, Jung Yein) have chosen to plan for various beginnings at new spots, and we chose to regard and support the individuals’ contemplations.

Of the Lovelyz individuals, Baby Soul has restored her agreement with confidence she has developed with us for quite a while. As Baby Soul’s ally for quite a while, we won’t keep down on offering full help for Baby Soul’s new advance forward and dynamic advancements.무료야동

We thank the eight Lovelyz individuals who worked their hardest and sparkled as craftsmen of Woollim Entertainment for the beyond seven years, and we are genuinely applauding the individuals’ fresh starts.

Furthermore, we offer genuine thanks to all fans who upheld, treasured, and cherished Lovelyz.

Kindly keep on showing loads of consolation and backing for the Lovelyz individuals who are beginning new, and we truly thank you for the warm love and interest given to Lovelyz in the course of recent years.

Woollim Entertainment’s first young lady bunch, Lovelyz appeared in November 2014 with “Candy Jelly Love.” Their latest rebound was in September 2020 with “Obliviate.”

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