Midnight Run Sequel: Regina Hall To Star In Upcoming Movie, Robert De Niro To Produce

The following portion of Universal’s 1988 clique incredible satire Midnight Run is at long last occurring following quite a while of fits and starts, this time as a spin-off, according to Deadline. Regina Hall, notable for her jobs in “Young ladies Trip” and “Alarming Movie,” will include in the spin-off. It’s obscure if Robert De Niro will repeat his job as abundance tracker Jack Walsh in the mate activity picture, yet he will be locked in as a maker in the new form.무료야동

Be that as it may, De Niro plays an abundance tracker who pursues a previous Mafia bookkeeper (Charles Grodin, who passed on recently of bone marrow malignancy) after he hops bail in the first “12 PM Run.” The underlying film’s basic achievement produced three made-for-TV continuations named “The Midnight Run Action Pack.”

De Niro and Grodin, in any case, didn’t highlight in those flicks. De Niro wants to return “12 PM Run” throughout the long term, and thoughts regarding a continuation have consequently permeated, yet those arrangements didn’t formalize up to this point.

As well as acting in “12 PM Run,” Hall will create the film under her RH Negative name. Jesse Collins (“The New Edition Story,” “American Soul”) of Jesse Collins Entertainment and Jane Rosenthal of Tribeca Film Institute are among different makers. Berry Welsh will fill in as Tribeca’s leader maker. Sara Scott, senior VP of creation advancement at Universal Pictures, will regulate for the studio’s benefit.

According to Deadline, Collins is addressed by CAA; Yorn, Barnes, Levine, Krintzman, Rubenstein, Kohner, Endlich and Gellman;and The Collins Jackson Agency. Lobby is addressed by ICM Partners and The Initiative Group.

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