Following The Massive Success Of The Korean Blossom Tea Season

Dubai, 21 Nov 2021: A function was coordinated at the Habtoor Grand Resort Autograph Collection to stamp the dispatch of Korean teas in the UAE and the fruitful finish of the drawn out Korean Blossom Tea Season that got a staggering reaction. 일본야동

During the hugely fruitful Season, and following the expanding interest for Korean teas, these enhanced chais have been presented in the menus of three top 5-star lodgings across Dubai including Habtoor Grand Resort Autograph Collection, The Address Boulevard, and JW Marriott Marquis.

During the determination function, a sum of 70 fortunate victors were additionally declared who won an assortment of invigorating prizes including extravagance tea sets worth $200 each and wonderful greetings teas for two at the taking part 5-star inns.

The sparkling occasion was graced by Korean representatives, lodging the board, and authorities, eminent big name culinary experts, and powerhouses from all over Dubai. Participants additionally partook in a smorgasbord of exceptionally pre-arranged Korean pleasures and worldwide cooking styles, alongside tasty Korean teas.

Mr Hyouk Kim said, “We are eager to get a staggering reaction to Korean teas all through the program. The dispatch of these interestingly mixed teas inside the menus of Habtoor Grand Resort, The Address Boulevard, and JW Marriott offers an incredible chance to encounter a sample of Korea while giving your general wellbeing and prosperity a major lift.

The Korean Blossom Tea Season was genuinely an occasion for individuals who share an affection for tea and was arranged to allow individuals to appreciate teas not accessible somewhere else.”

The Korean Blossom Tea Season – supported by Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corporation and set up by K-Food – saw many tea fans appreciating 10 special kinds of natural Korean teas for nothing all through its 30-day length. For more data, visit

Korean teas are known for their different restorative and home grown properties and are produced using leaves, blossoms, natural products, grains, beans, seeds, roots, shoots, and barks. In the UAE, there is developing mindfulness about different teas and their medical advantages.

Individuals are progressively looking towards products of the soil teas as choices to support their safe frameworks. As per statistical surveying firm Euromonitor International, shoppers in the UAE right now drink 15,542 tons of tea in a year.

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