Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda, Josh Groban Honor Late Stephen Sondheim In Times Square

Stars including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles were among the individuals who congregated on the red steps over the TKTS corner to honor Sondheim. Miranda read from Sondheim’s Look, I Made A Hat, a treasury of verses, and joined the group as they sang “Sunday” from the melodic Sunday in the Park with George, for which Sondheim composed the music and verses.중국야동

“This felt like church,” Bareilles told Variety after the presentation. “In his recognition, we did what theater excels at. We sang and raised our voices and met up in local area.”

“Each and every individual who’s here has a standard for why Sondheim’s music has carried them to this spot,” Groban told the distribution. “What’s more, whatever piece of media outlets we’re in, everyone is here in light of the fact that we were first impacted by Sondheim’s music. To grieve his passing is a devastating blow.”

The occasion was coordinated by Broadway entertainer Erich Bergen, who let CBS New York know that he got the thought while on the train on Saturday.

“I was paying attention to the cast collection of Sunday in the Park and the thought just flew into my head, and I settled on certain decisions,” the Waitress star said. “Everybody appeared. It was the greatest piano bar I’ve at any point been to.”

Stephen Sondheim died at 91 years old on November 26. He composed the music and verses for ostensibly the absolute most noteworthy shows of the Broadway stage. Jerry Jackson

Sondheim reshaped American melodic auditorium with musicals like Sweeney Todd, Company, and Follies. A Little Night Music, which opened in 1973, contains the popular melody “Send in the Clowns,” which has been recorded by more than 900 artists, including Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand and Bing Crosby.

From the get-go in his vocation, he composed the verses for the melodic West Side Story, which is moving ages right up ’til the present time. A redo of the 1961 film will show up in films this December.

“How would you adequately put words to that deficiency of somebody who gave us the words for what seems like forever?” Rachel Zegler, who will play María, said during a Q&A at an early showing of the film. “Particularly with regards to this melodic—[West Side Story] was one of his first expert gigs.”

“We were so fortunate to have him in the room,” Zegler said about gathering Sondheim. “That wasn’t lost on any of us when we were staying there paying attention to him talk.”

“This melody in Times Square, in accolade for Sondheim, this is pretty much Broadway. Stephen Sondheim is pretty much Broadway,” theater extraordinary Brian Stokes Mitchell told CBS New York. “He changed sort of the manner in which music was organized on Broadway, as well, and the manner in which music and verses were complicatedly connected and associated, and the manner in which they cooperated to drive a story, to impel a person. That is something that he super idealized.”

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