‘The Silent Sea’ Promises Suspense With New Stills Of Gong Yoo, Bae Doona & Others

In the wake of showing up in Netflix’s record-breaking series Squid Game, entertainer Gong Yoo is good to go to take his fans on one more exciting excursion. The profoundly expected Netflix series, The Silent Sea has been keeping the crowd on the edge since the time its fascinating secret trailer has been disclosed.실시간야동

The Silent Sea has now strengthened as the producers have posted a lot of serious yet thrilling stills from the impending K-dramatization. The stills include the show’s chief cast and are sufficient to give fans looks at more tension.

Taking to the photograph sharing site on Wednesday, Netflix posted stills that raise pressure with visuals of the lunar investigation base, likewise called the Balhae base. The secret will unfurl there and the looks on the essences of the tip top team individuals. The stills additionally show various parts of the Balhae base as the team individuals stroll on the outer layer of the moon.

Chief Choi Hang Yong, who is intrigued by the possibility of the moon. Chosen to make a story with the moon and a neglected mystery research base as the foundation. Set on Earth in 2075, which has been desertified and depleted of its normal assets, an exceptional group has been entrusted with a mysterious mission on the unwanted examination station on the moon, which is alluded to as ‘The Silent Sea.’

In the much-anticipated K-show, Bae Doona is viewed as Song Ji Ahn, who is a space researcher, Gong Yoo stars as Han Yoon Jae, the group chief. Lee Joon will be viewed as Ryu Tae Seok, a senior designer; Kim Sun Young as Hong Ga Young, the group specialist; Lee Moo Saeng as Gong Soo Hyuk, the head of safety; and Lee Sung Wook as Kim Sun, the spaceship pilot.

The arrangement of the show has been made by the chief, Choi Hang Yong, and the top creation group in Korea. The producer’s interest will grandstand the immense universe, the landscape of the moon in pitch dimness, and the strange haze that encompasses the tip top group individuals hints the extreme secret of what the mysterious examination base is stowing away.

In the secret trailer video of the show, The Silent Sea’s new trailer grandstands the unpredictable circumstances the colleagues are tossed into. It shows because of specialized mistakes, the spaceship conveying the first class colleagues is compelled to make a crisis arrival on the moon.

The mission is undermining the extraordinary mission. It additionally shows the group is scarcely getting away as the boat questionably holds tight a precipice. In any case, they make it across the forlorn surface of the moon in interminable quietness, before at last coming to the Balhae Lunar Research Station, which is an unwanted examination base called ‘The Silent Sea.’

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