Gmail’s new Material You widget finally rolls out

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Google prodded a few new Material You gadgets for Gmail, YouTube Music, and Google Drive when it disclosed the Pixel 6 series last month. Gmail hosts joined the gathering after Google Drive got an overhauled “Recommended records” Material You gadget recently.

Google possibly refreshed the current gadget with dynamic shading support when it upgraded Gmail in September. The new Gmail gadget, which was prodded last month, is currently carrying out, as per 9to5Google.조개모아

It looks like the Google Keep gadget for all intents and purposes. It has an adjusted square FAB in the upper right corner with a uninitiated counter showing up close to it, as displayed in the screen captures beneath. Messages are shown as adjusted cards, with a right-hand chronicle button. At the point when you extend the gadget’s width, a base bar shows up, with speedy alternate ways to Chat, Spaces, and Meet. The gadget, as you may expect, completely upholds Android 12’s dynamic theming and embraces the prevailing shade of your present backdrop.

The new Material You gadget, as may be obvious, is definitely more remarkable and valuable than the bygone one, which just showed a rundown of email passages and had a FAB in the base corner.

As recently referenced, the Google Drive application presently has another gadget that permits you to rapidly get to recommended documents and perform look. In the base right corner, there’s an inquiry bar, a transfer button that opens the framework record picker, and a FAB.

The new home screen gadget is carrying out with the Gmail application variant 2021.10.31.x. To give it a shot, update your Gmail application from the Google Play Store. On the off chance that the update isn’t live for you, you can sideload the most recent APK from APKMirror.

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