Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ Passes One Billion Streams On YouTube

Rihanna’s “Remain” is the furthest down the line video to outperform one billion transfers on YouTube. The track highlights visitor vocals from Nashville craftsman and maker Mikky Ekko. 실시간야동

Taken from Rihanna’s Billboard 200-driving collection from 2012, Unapologetic, the track topped at No.3 on Billboard’s Hot 100 graph and was selected for a Grammy Award (Best Pop Duo/Group Performance).

The music video is a long ways from the extreme persona Rihanna as a rule presents in her recordings. Exposed and alone in a bath, the artist uncovers more through her music than any meeting could expect to catch.

Unashamed opens with “Phresh Out The Runway,” a design song of praise that observes Rihanna bragging about her ascent in the style world. The David Guetta co-created track sounds tailor-made for the runway, as Rihanna inquires, “How is it that you could be so hood, yet you so phuckin’ pop?”, shrewdly gesturing to her own hybrid allure. She’d wind up playing out the melody at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and would, unexpectedly, wind up obscuring the organization with her own underwear image, Fenty Savage.

Rihanna has never been timid with regards to her propensity for pot, yet in the domain of popular music, her blurred reflection on partaking in weed, “Numb,” was viewed as questionable at that point. The snare R&B track saw the pop star tap into her verifiable melodic science with Eminem by and by, who utilizes his Slim Shady persona, to change around his voice and stream.

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