BTS’ V Wishes He Could Write A ‘Thank You’ Card To His Dog Yeontan — ‘Tan Had A Hard Life’

BTS V Melts Hearts For His Wish for Pet Yeontan | KpopStarz

Once in a while he’s a decent kid, different occasions, he’s an awful kid. Constantly, however, V is BTS’ singer. He showed up on bunch melodies like “Authorization to Dance,” “Kid With Luv,” and “Life Goes On,” likewise delivering tunes like “Winter Bear” as an independent craftsman. Outside of his work with the K-pop gathering, V is the pleased proprietor of a canine named Yeontan. The bright pomeranian turned out to be to some degree a mascot for the BTS ARMY, with fans sharing their affection for pictures and recordings of V’s pet. 중국야동

BTS’ V regularly shares his adoration for his canine, Yeontan. V is dear companions with Jimin and the other BTS individuals. With regards to the craftsman’s cherished creature/companion, Yeontan takes the cake. During a meeting with GQ Magazine, V said he would compose a “note to say thanks” to “Tannie,” regardless of whether he was unable to get it. “What about ‘woof woof,'” V said. “Tan had a hard life. He’s constantly had medical conditions. He can’t inhale well since his aviation routes are minuscule, and he blacks out assuming he runs even a bit, so he needed to have two medical procedures this year, however they were ineffective… “

“He needs to depend taking drugs now,” he added. “I need to tell him, “Thank you for enduring the aggravation, not surrendering, and remaining alive, despite the fact that it probably been so difficult for you. I truly want to believe that we can make a long period of cheerful recollections together. I need to see all of you grown up.” With more than a long time since their presentation, ARMYs saw Yeontan grow up close by the BTS individuals. Jimin helped train this canine and V regardless of whether Yeontan listen when V attempted to do likewise.

J-Hope reacted comparatively when BTS was first assigned for a Grammy Award. The rapper was asked who he called after the selection. He rushed to react with “Mickey,” his family canine. A few BTS individuals have pets. Different individuals from this K-pop gathering share photos of their creatures on Instagram. That incorporates RM, who posted photos of his canine, Rapmon wearing a comparative ensemble to Netflix’s Squid Game person. Jungkook posted an Instagram story of his Doberman named Bam. At the point when BTS invested energy in their time of “rest and unwinding” Suga shared an image of his family’s canine, Holly to the teen pop band’s common Twitter account. At a certain point, Jin was the proprietor of a few sugar lightweight flyers.

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