HyunA and DAWN engaged? Here’s what we know

HyunA and DAWN

A wedding is by all accounts on the brain of artists HyunA and DAWN! On February 3, 2022, the couple took to their Instagram records to impart a video of their hands to glinting opal rings on every one of their ring fingers. Their inscriptions couldn’t have been more apparent to what exactly went down and we are in implosion mode with how charming these two are being.조개모아

Sunrise also known as Kim Hyojong shared an Instagram update where he should be visible respecting his fingers. Observably a brilliant diamond is by all accounts shining to his left side ring finger. Before long, one more hand with similar ring flies in and we feel that may be, in all honesty, HyunA.

Enclasping their fingers, we think this is the ideal method for declaring their commitment. The following picture on his post is that of the two opal rings inside shell molded boxes. The inscription on DAWN’s post peruses ‘Wed ME’ and soon HyunA re-shared it on her Instagram account. With crying emoticons, she inscribed the video, “obviously it’s a yes”.

Several has been dating for more than 5 years now as they uncovered to have initially gotten going in May 2016. As individual CUBE Entertainment craftsmen and individuals from the triplet Triple H, they were said to have progressed from a senior-junior relationship. The couple recently energized their commitment bits of hearsay at whatever point individuals recognized any rings on their fingers. This is by all accounts the authority declaration, notwithstanding, one can never make certain as HyunA and DAWN are known to regularly prod their fans.

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