vivo launches V23 Pro and V23; India’s first colour changing smartphones

vivo launches V23 Pro and V23; India’s first colour changing smartphones

vivo, the imaginative worldwide cell phone brand, today declared expansion to the thorough V series with the send off of the all-new vivo V23 series in India. Intended to #DelightEveryMoment, V23 series offers different industry first advancements, for example, India’s first shading changing back board and India’s first 50MP Eye AF Dual Selfie camera. The shading changing Fluorite AG glass changes shading when presented to daylight and different wellsprings of counterfeit UV beams. The double front camera with cutting edge eye AF innovation offers extraordinary photography elements to catch splendid representations and selfies. 무료야동

One of its sort, V23 series is for style-cognizant pioneers, picture takers who want practical yet stunning plan, premium photography elements, and quick gaming and vivid diversion. V23 and V23 Pro will be accessible in two exceptional tones, Sunshine Gold and Stardust Black. V23 Pro is estimated at INR 38,990 (8GB+128GB), INR 43,990 (12GB+256GB) and V23 is valued at INR 29,990 (8GB+128GB), INR 34,990 (12GB+256GB). V23 Pro will be ready to move beginning January 13, 2022 and V23 beginning January 19,2022 on retail accomplices, Flipkart and vivo India E-store.

V23 series accompanies India’s first Fluorite AG Glass Design that has a shading changing glass on the back of the cell phone which connects with daylight and different wellsprings of counterfeit UV beams and changes into various tones. V23 Pro is richly created with a 3D bended screen that is just about as slender as 7.36mm and weighs just 171 grams. V23 is made of aviation grade aluminum, perfectly set in a metal level casing plan and is simply 7.39 mm slim, and weighs just 179 grams.

V23 Pro and V23 accompany a 6.56(16.65cm) inch and 6.44(16.35cm) inch AMOLED show with a Full HD goal.

The Fluorite Glass Design offers matte surface and diffused surface covering, making it agreeable to hold and unique mark free. With a brightness that seems quieted under customary lighting and more noteworthy under solid light, it really accomplishes a top notch look that is striking yet unobtrusive.

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