Poland’s plan to gift Orban precious document draws scorn

A unique 15th century ornamented manuscript on parchment is seen in a library in Torun, Poland, on Monday, Feb. 14, 2022. Local authorities and officials in central Poland are protesting government plans to offer Hungary a unique 15th century ornamen

WARSAW, Poland Local specialists and authorities in focal Poland on Monday fought government intends to gift Hungary one of the country’s most valuable compositions that goes back 500 years to feature the two countries’ nearby ties.일본야동

Torun city pioneers and church specialists marked an appeal asking officials to leave the arrangement to offer the fifteenth century record wrote by Naldus Naldius, an essayist and painter from Florence.

“We have the assessment of specialists who say that this move would be against the constitution,” said Regional Governor Piotr Całbecki. “I figure we should engage the hearts of the legislators and to their still, small voice. There is no space for legislative issues here.”

A history specialist and administrator with Poland’s traditional decision party, Piotr Babinetz, has proposed regulation that would empower the public authority to claim the original copy for amount of 25 million zlotys ($6.2 million) and give it to the public authority of Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The motion would intend to highlight the nearby relations between the two countries and state run administrations as well as to respond for Hungary’s choice to give up last year a plated suit of shield of the sixteenth century Polish ruler Sigismund II Augustus.

Naldus Naldius created the extravagantly improved original copy while serving at the court of Hungary’s King Matthias Corvinus. The book, which portrays the Hungarian ruler’s library, was sold by a dealer to the city of Torun during the sixteenth century and it has stayed there from that point forward.

Danetta Ryszkowska-Mirowska, top of the Torun public library, depicted the composition as “special and precious” and said that no measure of cash could remunerate its misfortune for Poland’s social legacy.

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