US men’s hockey team gets noise complaint after Olympic loss

BEIJING Members of the U.S. men’s hockey group were engaged with a boisterous late-night party at the Olympic competitors town that provoked a discussion between the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee and USA Hockey.

The USOPC affirmed to The Associated Press on Saturday that a commotion protest was accounted for inside the town. No property harm was involved, and nobody was kicked out.중국야동

It was not under any condition like the 1998 Nagano Olympics when U.S. hockey players – a significant number of them NHL stars – caused $3,000 in harm by destroying lofts and tossing seats and a fire douser through windows.

“We hold Team USA competitors to exceptionally elevated expectations of individual direct,” the USOPC said in an explanation shipped off The AP. “We have addressed USA Hockey authority, attested those assumptions and can affirm that competitors will stay in the town until their planned flights.”

NHL players are not at the Olympics for the second continuous time. The U.S. group is comprised of 15 school players and just about twelve others now in European expert and North American lower levels.

The Americans were killed in the quarterfinals Wednesday with a shootout misfortune to Slovakia. The U.S. dominated its initial three matches to procure the favorite in the knockout round.

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