Super rookie group TREASURE breaks personal record in album sales with ‘THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE’

As per Hanteo Chart on February 21st, TREASURE’s first smaller than expected collection ‘THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE’ bested the collection classification this week. There is another day left until the last counting, however the Initial Chodong deals of this collection (in view of Hanteo Chart) additionally outperformed the current total 240,000 duplicates.실시간야동

Such accomplishments of TREASURE were normal. Already, YG reported that TREASURE’s three actual collections (photobook, digipak, unit rendition) sold north of 700,000 duplicates altogether. Fortune’s first smaller than expected collection ‘THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE’ beat the overall collection diagram by positioning first in 30 iTunes districts on the primary day of its delivery on February fifteenth.

The title melody ‘JIKJIN’ is acquiring prevalence by clearing the No. 1 rankings on significant nearby music locales like Japan’s Line Music Top 100, Rakuten Music, Apple Music, iTunes, AWA, and mu-mo. As per YG Entertainment (hereinafter alluded to as YG) on the 21st, the music video for TREASURE’s rebound title tune ‘JIKJIN’ outperformed 30 million perspectives on YouTube at 12:36 pm around the same time.

This is the quickest speed among all the music recordings TREASURE has delivered up to this point, only 5 days and 18 hours after it was delivered. Contrasted with Treasure’s ‘Kid’, which as of late accomplished 100 million perspectives, the quantity of perspectives throughout a similar time span is multiple times more.

The stage video of ‘JIKJIN’ delivered on February twentieth likewise surpassed 2 million perspectives, outperforming almost 50% of the combined number of perspectives on the music broadcast stage recordings of the current title tunes in a day and a half after it was delivered.

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