Krystal Jung, Kim Jae Wook and Ha Joon are extremely expressive in teaser posters for ‘Crazy Love’

On February 23rd, banners of Noh Go Jin (Kim Jae Wook), Lee Shin-ah (Krystal Jung), and Oh Se Gi (Ha Joon) were delivered, saying, “Everybody has confidential,” who are in close contact with one another and are presenting with their pointers all the rage. The tipsiness that appears to uncover insider facts to one another assuming they blow some people’s minds even a little is additionally delivered, making watchers enter a super-engaged mode.

To start with, Noh Go Jin (Kim Jae Wook), the CEO of GOTOP Education and the best star educator, is called ‘No-Cha-Ban’ in the organization as a result of his unforgiving and touchy character who just seeks after cash. Along these lines, there are generally individuals around who disdain him, and Go Jin arrives at a level where he disregards his passing dangers as a joke. Nonetheless, he feels his life is undermined by the demise notice that deteriorates step by step, and he makes his own mystery to track down the guilty party.일본야동

Lee Shin Ah (Krystal Jung) is an individual who has suffered for north of a year as Go Jin’s secretary, saying that nobody can wait for over 90 days while seeing her fantasy about remaining on the lectern. Be that as it may, her world gives her despondency rather than her sweet expectation: she is condemned to death. Shin Ah, who thinks the reason is her pressure from her Go Jin, promises vengeance for herself and plans her horrendous mystery.

Goodness Se Gi (Ha Joon), VP of GOTOP schooling, is an ideal model for an ideal supervisor who has a warm appearance, character and habits. Incidentally, he says that he additionally has his mysterious, and he conceals it even from the extraordinary Go Jin, whom he shared all the other things with. This brings up the issue of whether even Oh Se Gi, who he believed was the main ordinary individual, would play out an insane movement between Go Jin, obsessed with cash, and Shin Ah, wild about vengeance.

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