WATCH: Taeyeon loses herself in the all-consuming feeling of love in the fantastical ‘INVU’ MV

On February 14, SM Entertainment dropped Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s title track ‘INVU’ MV and we are consumed by her brilliant excellence, insane vocals and interesting outfits! The melody discusses Taeyeon not having the option to continue on thus she ‘begrudges’ the individual for having the option to effortlessly continue on, suggesting that the individual’s sentiments were shallow and she cherished them with her whole heart. Regardless of the weighty verses, the instrumental was incredibly cutting edge, fit in with the reverberation of the 70s style of music.

The sets were in a dream land-either white or brown in shading showing that she was in a quiet spot yet before long needed to get into the front line to battle her own sentiments. The hard hitting verses mix in with the melody as well as the MV. Taeyeon, to no one’s surprise, showed her solid vocals, with her sliding between her head and chest voice all through the tune effortlessly. The party-like melody with passionate verses is one more raving success by Taeyeon!조개모아

Taeyeon appeared as an individual from young lady bunch Girls’ Generation in August 2007, which proceeded to become one of the most mind-blowing selling specialists in South Korea and one of the most famous K-pop gatherings around the world. She has since partaken in other SM Entertainment projects, including Girls’ Generation-TTS, SM the Ballad, Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG, and Got the Beat.

Taeyeon delivered her presentation expanded play ‘I’ in 2015, which remembers the main nominal single for South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart. In 2016, she delivered the main SM Station single ‘Downpour’, trailed by her second broadened play ‘Why’, which crested on the Gaon Album Chart. Her presentation studio collection, ‘My Voice’ (2017), yielded the best five singles ’11:11′, ‘Fine’ and ‘Make Me Love You’.

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