Gucci Mane Responds to NBA YoungBoy on New Song 'Publicity Stunt' - XXL

Gucci Mane has quite recently delivered his new track Publicity Stunt getting down on NBA Youngboy. The track includes a reference to Youngboy’s 2019 track Make No Sense which incorporates the verses ‘I Feel Like Gucci Mane in 2006′. We separate this reaction and the rappers’ continuous fight.

NBA Youngboy delivered a diss track I Hate Youngboy in Feb 2022 and Gucci Mane has at long last answered with his very own diss track. 실시간야동

Gucci Mane has quite recently dropped his new tune Publicity Stunt which seems to hit back at NBA Youngboy’s new diss track focused on Gucci, I Hate YoungBoy, which was delivered in Feb 2022.

Youngboy straightforwardly tended to Gucci Mane in the melody, saying: “Used to f* with Gucci till I seen he like them py n“.

On 4 March 2022 Gucci Mane posted a photograph on Twitter with the inscription “I feel like I’m Gucci Mane in 2006” which is a line from Youngboy’s past melody Make No Sense from 2019.

This implied that Mane was going to drop his very own diss track, and was hoping to answer to the thing NBA Youngboy had said regarding him.

While Gucci Mane doesn’t straightforwardly make reference to NBA Youngboy’s name on his new track Publicity Stunt, he indicates their fight through a couple of his verses.

The rapper says: “He’s tryna pull an exposure stunt/These rappers be p***y, they drain one time each month/Don’t talk on my name, don’t get placed in an unpolished/You can diss all you need, actually will not get a reaction.”

This is remembered to reference Youngboy with Mane blaming him for delivering a diss track exclusively to get perspectives and consideration.

In any case, the most unmistakable reference to Youngboy is toward the finish of the tune. You can hear Gucci impersonating Youngboy’s voice as he says “I thought you felt like Gucci Mane in 2006”.

This is an immediate reference to NBA Youngboy’s melody Makes No Sense where Youngboy said ‘I Feel Like Gucci Mane in 2006’, as ‘Mane hopes to influence the new quarrel.

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