Singer Traci Braxton of ‘Braxton Family Values’ dies at 50

NEW YORK Singer Traci Braxton, who was highlighted with her family in the unscripted tv series “Braxton Family Values,” kicked the bucket at age 50 on Saturday.실시간야동

Her sister, Toni, and family said that Braxton passed on “today as the snow was falling.” According to reports, Traci Braxton had been battling esophageal malignant growth.

“Obviously, she was a brilliant light, a superb little girl, an astounding sister, a caring mother, spouse, grandma and a regarded entertainer,” the family said. “We will miss her sincerely.”

“Braxton Family Values” circulated for seven seasons beginning in 2011 on WeTV. It zeroed in on the existences of sisters Toni, Traci, Tamar, Trina and Towanda and their more distant families. Traci was an entertainer and vocalist who delivered collections in 2014 and 2018, with the singles “Last Call” and “Broken Things” her most popular tunes.

She invested a lot of her energy accomplishing social work for youngsters with incapacities, as indicated by her site.

She was hitched to Kevin Surratt, with whom she showed up on the TV series “Marriage Boot Camp.” Their child, Kevin Surratt Jr., said on Instagram Saturday that his mom battled as far as possible.

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