John Legend to be honored with Recording Academy’s 1st Global Impact Award

The debut occasion, introduced by the Black Music Collective, will unite Black makers and business pioneers, across all classes, with a mission of putting forth objectives and proceeding to develop the Black people group.

“It is our particular distinction to observe John Legend as the debut beneficiary of the Recording Academy Honors’ Global Impact Award,” says Valeisha Butterfield Jones, co-leader of the Recording Academy, in an explanation.무료성인야동

“John is one of the main craftsmen within recent memory, somebody who shows others how its done and pushes significant limits reliably across music, magnanimity and activism,” the assertion proceeded. “His commitments and effect on music and our way of life are unrivaled.”

Club Quarantine DJ D-Nice will give music over the course of the evening, while Summer Walker is set to perform and MC Lyte will take on have obligations in festival of Legend, his vocation accomplishments and his altruistic endeavors.

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