Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave millions to woman who filed paternity lawsuit, lawyer says

Jerry Jones has paid almost $3 million to the one who says she is his natural girl, including her full educational cost at SMU and a $70,000 Range Rover on her sixteenth birthday celebration, and to her mom, as per the Little Rock, Arkansas, legal advisor who conveyed the installments in the interest of the Dallas Cowboys proprietor.

Attorney Don Jack let ESPN know that he made customary installments for Jones’ sake to Alexandra Davis, the 25-year-old legislative associate who recorded a paternity claim against Jones on March 3, and her mom, Cynthia Spencer Davis, whom Jones met in 1995 when she was a ticket-counter specialist for American Airlines in Arkansas.

“On various events I have made installments in the interest of Mr. Jones to Cindy and Alex Davis,” Jack said in an explanation. A long-term companion of Jones, Jack said he reached an accord for Jones’ sake with Spencer Davis in 1995, paying her $375,000 and giving “for regularly scheduled installments for kid support which eventually added up to more than $2 million.”일본야동

Jones has not recognized that Davis is his natural little girl. Inquired as to why he utilized the expression “youngster support” in his proclamation, Jack said, “I utilized the term kid support since that is what the arrangement calls it.” Asked if the “kid support” installments demonstrate that Jones is Davis’ dad, Jack stopped for five seconds prior to saying, “I won’t answer that one. My assertion represents itself with no issue.”

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