Musk suggests Twitter changes, including accepting Dogecoin

As Twitter’s most up to date board part and biggest investor, Elon Musk is as of now drifting ideas for transforms he might want to see on the online entertainment stage.

In a progression of tweets late Saturday, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO said that the organization ought to incorporate an “verification mark” as an element of its Twitter Blue premium membership administration, which costs $2.99 every month.일본야동

Musk likewise recommended Twitter make the verification marks of premium supporter accounts not the same as those conceded to true records having a place with well known people, for instance.

Such a move, Musk said, would “greatly extend” the pool of confirmed client accounts and put the expansion of spam down “bot” accounts, making them too costly to even consider keeping up with.

Musk additionally shared thoughts for how Twitter ought to charge for its membership participation, saying the expense “ought to be proportionate to moderateness and in neighborhood cash,” and adding: “Perhaps a choice to pay in Doge?” alluding to the Dogecoin digital currency.

Musk’s most recent tweets about Twitter, including posting surveys finding out if Twitter is “kicking the bucket” and whether the organization’s San Francisco base camp ought to be changed over into a destitute haven “since nobody shows up in any case,” followed a tweet prior in the week inquiring as to whether he ought to add an alter button on the stage.

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