Arizona Cardinals, A.J. Green agree to one-year deal

Last season, Green came as close as he has been to a 1,000-yard season since his latest, in 2017. He completed 2021 with 848 yards and three scores on 54 gets.

Some portion of why Green endorsed with the Cardinals was for the chance to be a No. 2 collector behind DeAndre Hopkins, the first time in quite a while vocation that he wasn’t his offense’s top getting choice.실시간야동

He immediately tracked down a job in Arizona’s offense. Nonetheless, by late December, mentor Kliff Kingsbury recognized that he didn’t do an adequate occupation of getting the ball to Green.

Green, who turns 34 in July, was designated 5.75 times per game. He got done with two 100-yard games, including his first since 2018.He hushed the worries about his strength. In the wake of missing the 2019 season with a lower leg injury, he’s played 16 games every one of the last two seasons.

Green marked a one-year manage the Cardinals last offseason worth $6 million. It was the first time in quite a while vocation that Green wound up wearing a shirt other than one for the Cincinnati Bengals.

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