BTS Fans Slam Journalists For Invading Jimin’s Privacy, Claim Mail Was Stolen

“HYBE and Jimin ought to sue.”

A report from Korean news source BizHankook is getting reaction from BTS fans all over the planet. As of late, it was accounted for that Jimin had not paid the medical coverage charges on his extravagance loft at Nine One Hannam. Subsequently, Jimin’s condo had purportedly confronted seizure. 실시간야동

BTS’s organization, HYBE, has since answered with an authority articulation. While BTS was abroad, the organization supervised Jimin’s mail. Because of an oversight on HYBE’s part, Jimin was ignorant that his charges were past due. Jimin has since settled up on the overdue debts completely.

As to case, the organization gets all sends shipped off the specialists’ dormitories. During the time spent elapsing them to the craftsman, a part of the mail was deferred because of a misstep. Jimin has been completing his timetables abroad and had a drawn out break since the finish of last year and gone on with abroad timetables later, so he knew nothing about the reality [that his premium had been] past due. After he found out, he quickly settled up on the back payments completely and the case has been shut.

We apologize for having stressed the fans and the craftsman because of our organization’s blunder.


HYBE apologized to both Jimin and his fans, yet ARMY’s say the individuals who let the cat out of the bag ought to be considered dependable. Fans assert that the notification for Jimin’s late installments were taken from his post box.

Some additionally guarantee that the planning of the first article was not unintentional. They accept the news was deliberately distributed to eclipse and damage the arrival of “With You,” Jimin and Ha Sung Woon’s OST for Our Blues.

ARMYs are currently calling for HYBE to make a move to safeguard BTS’s security and explore the matter further.

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